About Us

For so long, men have had limited choices in underwear. White, black, or heathered grey... if you're feeling wild that day. Prints started to come out that were very junior and geared towards those with their learners license. So, where's the underwear for the grown men?

Women have always had all the fun with underwear. Fun colors, prints.. soft fabrics. and more recently, technically fabrics. Oh, the support!

Finally, there are men's underwear lines that are geared towards what men really need: soft fabrics, moisture wicking technology, and awesome colors and prints that never compromise the support. All available in a wide range of sizes.

Who wants things moving and grooving when they should be dry, comfortable, and in place? How many times have you been standing in a group of people and things start to... shift. What do you do? Avoid it in the first place.

We carry a selection of brands that offer medium to full support for your boys as well as styles for the traveller, outdoorsman, runners, fitness enthusiasts, cold weather man, swimmer, and so much more!

Just because it's underneath, doesn't mean it shouldn't reflect your personality!

YourJunkYard is here to help you find your perfect fit and style.